Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Well, it's all go!

I am looking forward to finishing my final major project but I still have so much to do! I am enjoying it though and I am excited to get myself into the textile world!

I am not working on fabric this year, instead, I have chosen to create print designs on paper. I am doing 20-25 designs... eek. It's even scarier seeing it on screen! I know I can do it though, I'm always drawing and doing research.

Today, I am going to try to find sponsorship. Fingers crossed!

Here is my work bay, where all the magic happens!

I have created 10 designs so far and as deadline creeps closer and closer, the pressure is on! Here are some of my designs so far...

I have created these with Photoshop and they are both in flat colour. I am experimenting with different textures, etc.

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