Sunday, 5 February 2012

I'm not dead.

Time certainly flies, even more so when you're busy and I realised the other day that it's about time I updated my blog, so here I am :)

I graduated from Cleveland College of Art & Design in November 2011 and it was a great day, was brilliant seeing everyone looking so smart and proud, we've all worked so hard for our degrees.

It was really windy, but we didn't lose our caps :)

I studied a foundation degree in textiles for two years and I then topped up to the BA in surface design. I joined the final year students so only studied for a year. I didn't enjoy the foundation degree so much, I did well in my second (aka final) year of the course but I didn't enjoy making things...which was the focus point of the course! I enjoy making things as a hobby though so doesn't make sense. I topped up because I was still unsure about my future/skills and I can honestly say that it was the best decision I have made. Ever. I adored the course and it gave me the chance I so desperately needed to develop my design skills to what they are today. I am aways growing and would recommend University to anyone.

The problem I faced with topping up was that although the courses were both textiles based, they were two different areas of the industry. I found the beginning of my final year of Uni (top up year) to be extremely tough and my grades dropped by a whopping 13%. I was devastated but didn't give up trying. My print skills were poor, I don't blame the foundation degree programme but I do wish we had been taught full silk screen printing techniques, but this is something I can look into myself at some point.

I was expecting a 2.2 final degree classification due to the drop in my grades, I found this hard to accept as I had dreamed of a 2.1 and honestly believed I would get that. The time came where fellow students were checking their grades and I didn't bother checking mine, I knew what I had so what was the point?

But I had to check anyway, for graduation ceremony details...and I DID IT! I read it over, and over and over just to be sure I wasn't seeing things but there it was. Imogen got a 2.1 :) I started crying and ran upstairs to tell the family, my Mum thought I was upset - It was intense.

I went to a graduate exhibition shortly after graduation day, I found some pretty cool opportunities. I have an interview in Lichfield next week for a design placement to be completed in Padova, Italy. I'm excited to say the least, my nerves won't strike until 5 minutes before my interview though! It's always the case with me, or at least has been in the past.

The company looks amazing. They provide transport, accommodation, living expenses and two weeks language tuition - if I am successful that's the most exciting thing for me, I adore language so all good!

Design wise, I am currently doing some drawing for my boss. I work in a cafe/canteen and she wants some cool/quirky drawings to put on her new menus. I am trying to get it sorted but I work about 45 hours a week so it is difficult at the moment. I hope to be out of there soon though!

Just some ideas so far.

Having Henry around is very helpful!

I've realised that since I left Uni, I seem to have forgotten A LOT about architecture, which is not good.

So I thought this little guy would help me out, he even fits in my bag.

Anyway, I will leave it there for now. I will be posting again shortly, by that I mean tonight!

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