Sunday, 5 February 2012

London Visit (November 2011)

A friend of mine wanted to go to London for the weekend as part of her birthday celebrations so myself, her and another friend of ours all organised between ourselves what we wanted to do there. We decided on going to a burlesque show and visiting both the aquarium and Madame Tussaud's.

I had been to a burlesque show before in Doncaster which was amazing and I was really looking forward to seeing one in London - because it's London! It was good :)

I've been wanting to do a design project based on sea life for a while now but there are hardly any primary resources in my area so it has been difficult. So when we went to the aquarium I took FULL advantage of the visit and took stacks of photos. So many that I ended up flagging behind my buddies. I was having problems with my camera and my photos kept blurring, even though it has super fast shutter speed so I was often having to stick around in the same place, it was worth it in the end as I ended up with a a decent selection of photos to work with.

I'm not quite sure what these things are, my memory is failing me but I'd like to draw them regardless!

He must have known he was on camera!


I thought these were gorgeous, the colours and the overall composition of the image. It's a shame my camera acted up but I'm sure it's something I can sort out. There was a lot of children at the aquarium and it was nice to see happy faces shrieking, "Finding Nemo!" - one of my favourite films.

The waxworks was fun but nowhere near as entertaining! I'm not a huge fan of celebrities, never mind wax ones as I soon discovered! However, I couldn't help but notice and appreciate how much detail and effort went into each and every wax work. They truly are amazing and a lot of them looked real, I thought these were amongst the best...


Nicole Kidman & Kate Winslet

All in all, it was a great trip. There was even time for cake!

I can't wait to head over again, it's been a long time since I was last in the V&A Museum and I'd like to visit again soon.

I've started a concept journal with some research I found in magazines, journals, etc to be a starting point for my aqua project.

Lots and lots of material to work with here!

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